5 Tips to Make Your Apartment Ads Stand Out on Craigslist

Multifamily apartment exteriorThere are many ways to market and advertise your apartment community, but when it comes to getting more leases, Craigslist is king! And no wonder. Craigslist has more than 60 million users and some 50 billion page views each month. Most users are 25-44 years old, so they’re right in your prime target market. Craigslist users are usually educated and employed too, so they’re just the kind of renters you’re looking for.

If you’re not advertising your apartments on Craigslist already, what are you waiting for? Renters are out there looking. Make it easy for them to cut through the Craigslist clutter and find your property by posting ads that leap off the screen. Here are five things you can do to make your ad stand out from the thousands of other apartment ads posted on Craigslist everyday.

1. Include Interior and Exterior Photos

People are visual. They don’t want fancy descriptions. They want to see where they may be living one day and some of the lifestyle amenities you’ve got to offer. Most users limit their search to show only properties with photos, so make sure to snap some good ones.

2. Write an Attention-Getting HeadlineCozy Apartment

Your ad has less than a second to grab someone’s attention. A vague and wimpy headline like “1BR, Great Deal, Great Amenities” makes potential tenants do one thing – yawn and skip right over it. Get noticed with headlines that talk price, amenities, location, perks, etc. Kind of like this. “$1500/1BR Spacious Downtown Charmer, 5 Min. Walk to Transit” or “Renovated 2BR in Luxury Building, Utilities Included.”

3. Make Your Ads Easy on the Eyes

Would you read one long paragraph filled with property information? Yeah, neither will your prospects. Readers want to skim for info, not hunt for it. Break up important features and information into sections and use bullets to make your ads easier to read.

Craigslist Posting

Bonus Tip 1: Be specific about the number of bedrooms and apartment location.

Bonus Tip 2: Craigslist users are always looking for a deal, so post the lowest price or best promotional offer you have.

4. Proofread, Proofread, Proofread

Oops! Typos, misspelled words, poor punctuation, and pricing errors will doom your ad from the start. Mistakes like these send the wrong message and make you look careless and unprofessional. Always proofread your Craigslist ads for accuracy.

5. Add Contact Information

Your Craigslist ads can do everything right, but if you don’t include contact information, interested prospects now have to do some work to find you. Good luck with that. Always include a phone number, location address, website, or email address so prospects can quickly and easily contact you.

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