Holiday Gift Ideas to Make Even Your Resident Grinch Feel Appreciated

Great residents are hard to come by, so making your tenants feel valued and appreciated is one of the best ways to keep them happy – and happily renewing their leases year after year. You can make residents feel special throughout the year, but the holiday season gives you a great opportunity to show your thoughtfulness and gratitude to everyone who calls your property “home.”

Whether your residents celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or just look forward to ringing in the New Year, you can bring them holiday cheer by delivering very merry gifts and greetings right to their front door.

To Give or Not To Give?

Some property managers wonder if offering holiday cards and gifts are even worth the effort. With all the hustle and bustle of the season, it’s easy to think of it as one more holiday hassle on your to-do list. But before you decide, consider this. Good residents pay their rent on time. They keep their unit clean. They obey the rules. In other words, good residents make your job easier and less stressful. By sending a holiday sentiment or gift, you’re showing them how thankful you are to have such great tenants residing in your community.

Holiday Resident Appreciation Card

But what about residents who have landed on your naughty list? Do they deserve a little something extra during the holidays, too? Absolutely! Offering holiday greetings and gifts to tenants who need some improvement may help mend relationships and encourage them to do better with on-time rent payments, housekeeping, rule compliance, and more. It’s a win-win for both you and your residents.

Ready to send out holiday greetings and gifts to your residents? Follow these tips to make your holiday appreciation strategy easy and more successful.

Start with a Budget

Depending on your property’s size and budget, gifts can range from simple to simply awesome. Once you decide on your budget, be sure to order enough for everyone. Here are some holiday favorites your residents will appreciate.

  • Personalized door greeting tags and door gift boxes 
  • Mugs and cups with your property logo 
  • Gift cards to restaurants, movies, gas, and local or online stores 
  • Gift baskets with holiday sweets 
  • Free housecleaning coupons 
  • Scratch-off cards with rent deductions or other prizes 



Think Holiday Neutral

When it comes to the holidays, don’t assume everyone has the same religious beliefs or holiday customs. Look for cards and gifts that appeal to a broader audience and appeal to the holidays in general. Avoid anything with religious or traditional Christmas themes, this way you’ll be sure to send a generic holiday greeting that everyone will enjoy.


Skip the Mail

Instead of addressing hundreds of envelopes, buying expensive stamps, and hoping the post office delivers your holiday greetings to residents on time, go door to door delivering your holiday greetings. Holiday door tags and gift boxes can be hand-delivered and placed on the handles of every resident’s front door.


Make It Personal

Store-bought cards don’t always have the right messages for the multifamily market. You can buy blank cards and hand write your own holiday or you can purchase cards and gift boxes that are designed specifically for apartment residents. Many places, including HD Supply Facilities Maintenance, will print a free personalized message for you.

Offering gifts and special greetings to residents during the holidays is a great way to strengthen relationships and create loyalty. Even the smallest gesture during the holidays can pay off big by increasing revenue and reducing turnover. Remember your residents at holiday time and they will remember your thoughtfulness at renewal time and when referring friends to your property.

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