Property Improvement Projects to Keep You Busy This Summer

When the temperatures rise and the sun shines all day, you know that it is time to start tackling some of the ever-present property updates. Summer is a perfect time to take on projects that need a little more time and effort, especially while many tenants may be away on vacation. Whether you need to work on grounds improvement or property upgrades, there is nothing like summer to give you a fresh start at property improvement.

Start with Preventative Maintenance 

One of the simplest ways to ease into property improvement is to face your summer maintenance list head-on. Before taking on a new and potentially costly upgrade to your property, take the time to give your current buildings the TLC that they deserve. Begin from the top of your property and work your way down:

    Remember the exterior is just as important as the interior.

  • Inspect the roof, locate leaks or weather damage, and make repairs and improvements 
  • Look for loose or rotted siding around the property’s exterior 
  •  Examine the foundation, bricks, and stones for other cracks and leaks 
  • Power wash the siding or brick exterior 
  •  Clean gutters and spouting of leaves and other debris 
  •  Check window and door casings for loose or broken seals 
  •  Wash the windows and other exterior decorations 
  •  Wipe down outdoor lighting and replace burnt out bulbs with LEDs 
  •  Reseal decks and patios 
  • Check all the locks on doors and windows for security 
  •  Check the screens on doors and windows for holes 
  •  Clean all dryer vents and exhaust ducts that could become clogged 
  •  Inspect outdoor play equipment 


Next Up: Grounds Improvement

Summer is the perfect time to focus on outdoor tasks that would otherwise be difficult to accomplish during the cold winter weather. Check your lawn mowers for proper equipment, sharpen the blades, and locate your best pair of garden shears. Improving the grounds can be as simple as giving the grass a good cut and trimming the bushes to an attractive shape. Other ways of improving grounds could include:

Small Updates Can Do Big Things

  • Planting additional trees, bushes, or flowers 
  • Fertilizing and pulling weeds 
  •  Building a garden wall 
  •  Installing a decorative fountain or comfortable bench 
  •  Building a fence  
  •  Creating an herb garden 
  •  Installing an outdoor kitchen or grill area 
  •  Building a deck or patio area 



Step Three: Summer Property Upgrades

Once you are ready to focus your attention on the units themselves, you have many options for upgrading your property. Take advantage of residents being on vacation to ensure your work is minimally disruptive. Tenants will be thrilled to return from their vacations to updates in their units. Whether you have kitchen ideas or bathroom plans, you can pick nearly any room of your property to begin your summer improvement projects:

    Don't forget about the fans! Installing new fans are a great way to make residents happy during summer months.

  • Upgrade or replace the air conditioner 
  • Install ceiling fans 
  •  Repaint the unit 
  •  Add crown molding or customized window trims 
  •  Upgrade window blinds and shades 
  •  Refinish existing wood floors or install new flooring 
  •  Upgrade indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures to higher-end or LED models 
  •  Remodel a bathroom 
  •  Upgrade kitchen cabinets, countertops, or appliances 


When you’re working with any property, summer is the perfect time to get to work on your growing list of upgrades and that farmer’s tan you’ve always wanted. By beginning with your grounds and continuing to the units themselves, you will be upgrading your property while enjoying the fresh summer air.

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