Preventative Maintenance Tips for Happy Hotel Guests

You already know the importance of happy hotel guests. You want everything perfect. You want to exceed guest expectations. Cornell’s Center for Hospitality Research found that reviews on directly affect a hotel’s revenue per available room (REVPAR). TheAttractive hotel room number of guests checking hotel reviews online is steadily increasing, and hospitality maintenance is a great way to keep those reviews positive.

While you can’t control everything, you can control the condition and mood of your property with a preventative maintenance plan. If your hotel is perfectly maintained, you’re less likely to see complaints about ambiance and comfort on social media websites. A regular preventive maintenance schedule will help you stay ahead of repairs and keep hotel guests happy. Guests won’t see frayed carpeting or cracked ceiling tiles. Toilets will flush and lamps will glow exactly when needed. Plus, you’ll save on overall maintenance costs and improve guest satisfaction scores just by performing easy, routine preventive maintenance.


Starting a Hotel Preventive Maintenance Program

Setting up your preventive maintenance (PM) program does not have to be overwhelming. Start by looking at your property through the eyes of a guest and taking the time to fix or adjust things in each guest room. If possible, have team members spend one night in the hotel. This experience will help them to see things from a guest’s perspective. As you and your team inspect each area, consider these three simple categories:

  • Cleanliness – will cleaning the item or area make it look like new?
  • Repair – will a repair make it look like new?
  • Replacement – if it cannot be cleaned or repaired to look like new, replace the item.


Guest Room Attention Areas

Hotel door

Inspect the door’s finish for cleanliness and damage.

For guest room inspections, remember to focus on specific areas, including:

Entrance: Opening the guestroom door and ensure it closes automatically and does not squeak. Inspect the door’s finish for cleanliness and damage. Test the lock, U-bar, and look through the door viewer.

Bathroom: Stand in the shower and look around; test the tub, shower, and drains; check the shower door or curtain. Flush the toilet and listen to make sure there are no flapper leaks. Sit on the toilet, look around the bathroom, and see what your guest sees. Check the mirrors for cracks or silvering. Clear the dust from light fixtures and vents. Inspect the vanity, faucet, and sink to make sure everything is clean and in perfect condition. There shouldn’t be any dents, chips, or cracks .

Guest Room: Open and inspect drawers, curtains, and windows. Lie on the bed; look at the ceiling and the nightstand. Test the PTAC for cool/warm air and noise; check the filters and the condensation drain pan. Test appliances; check the alarm clock, TV, remote controls, phone, etc. Try all the light switches. Inspect all upholstered fabric for wear, tear, and stains. Look for bedbugs or other infestations.


Guest Room Preventative Maintenance Checklist

A preventive maintenance plan will not only save on maintenance costs, it will also drive repeat customers and increase guest satisfaction scores. Hotel preventative maintenance is an easy way to help keep negative reviews off hotel review websites, and help increase REVPAR.


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Following a checklist ensures everything gets checked and inspected.

Download and use this sample checklist to get started .

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