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When you have vacancies to fill and need quality, long-term tenants, go where potential renters go. Right now, thousands of qualified renters are online at the popular apartment listing site, looking for the next place to call home. Creating a can’t-miss ad on complete with your property’s pros, perks, and photos lets prospects know that your community has what they want and is worth checking out.

The good news for renters is there are hundreds of local apartment communities for renters to choose from on The bad news for property managers is there are hundreds of local apartment communities for renters to choose from on

With so much competition on the website, how do you make sure your property’s listing gets noticed? According to, the following tips will help your property stand out from the competition and improve both the quantity and quality of your responses.


Make Your Property Easy to Find

When gathering information for your listing, consider the type of renter you’re looking to attract and use keywords (or search terms) in the property description to help renters quickly understand what your property has to offer. Content keywords let you tap into the power of search engine optimization and help drive more traffic to your listing.

Let’s say your property is targeting young professionals. Keywords such as “walk-in closets,” “washer/dryer,” and “pets welcome” will likely be relevant to their search. If it’s families you’re after, “swimming pool,” “playground,” and “gated community” are keywords that they often search for. If your property is located near a college campus, “free Wi-Fi,” “study room,” and “gym” are big draws for students. Know the features and amenities your target market is searching for and incorporate those keywords into your ad to improve results.

Show, Don’t Tell

place emphasis on outdoor areas

Place emphasis on outdoor areas, balconys, or communal patios.

Well-written descriptions with good keywords are great, but picture-rich ads really do the talking. People are visual, and good photos can quickly sell them on your property. Whether you snap the photos yourself or hire a pro, you’ll want to show prospects important areas of the unit like the kitchen, living room, bathroom, and bedroom. If your property has a swimming pool, fitness center, nature trails, or upgrades like a fireplace or stainless steel appliances, be sure to include quality photos of those as well. There is a limit on how many photos you can post, so choose ones that will present your property in the best light.

Tips for taking impactful photos:

  •  Make living spaces look lived in, clean, and clutter-free 
  • Take pictures during the day using natural light 
  • Don’t use a flash – it can make photos look staged and artificial 
  • Use different angles to add visual interest – crouching or kneeling works well 


Be Brief and Specific

Keep your descriptions concise, but make sure your listing is loaded with pertinent details and specifics, including unique features, upgrades, and location. Also provide good directions using landmarks and main highways so renters can easily find you. Price per month and deposit amounts may or may not be big selling points, but you should always include them when advertising on It helps generate interest in your ad and is an important consideration for renters when comparing properties. is a great place to advertise your property. The site is easy to use and provides would-be renters a wealth of information about your property including features, amenities, photos, prices, floor plans, directions, school info, and more. Follow their advertising guidelines, and you’ll be turning vacancies into paying tenants in no time.

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