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Recently I touched base with Matt Voorhees from Niagara Conservation® to get some information on new, cutting-edge water conservation technologies. Read Matt’s insight below, and don’t miss our message on the bottom of the page about some free Niagara Conservation® water conservation products that we will be giving away!

Evan: I know Niagara is a huge proponent of water conservation. Tell me about some of the things your company does to reduce its water consumption.

Matt Voorhees: In all of our corporate locations (Morristown, NJ, Dallas, TX, and Pasadena, CA) we use our water conservation products, such as our low GPF toilets and low-flow aerators. When we retrofitted the buildings last year with Stealth® toilets and 1.28 GPF Flapperless EcologicTM products, we noticed more than a 20 percent reduction in our overall water consumption. In our Dallas offices we are in the process of changing over our outdoor irrigation systems to adopt ET controller technology. These types of controls use true historical climate data to properly manage water applications on the landscape.

E: What are some of the best water conservation products you offer?

M: Hands down, the Stealth® toilet is the most aggressive in terms of efficiency  Stealth Toiletand flush performance. This is the only 0.8 gallon toilet on the North American market. To make an effective 0.8 gallons-per-flush toilet, we created a system that uses a vacuum-assisted trapway that actually pulls the waste from the bowl once the flush cycle is started. By using this type of flushing technology, the 0.8 gallon released from the tank is more than enough to completely evacuate and clean the bowl. Here is a link to an informative video on the Stealth toilet.

E: Are there specific uses or industries that would benefit most from those products?

M: We have seen tremendous sales growth in both the multifamily and hospitality markets. With the national average of water and sewer costs above $9 for 1,000 gallons, a lot of commercial property owners are looking at ways beat the utility companies. We have had early success in being nationally spec’d in with the Stealth® toilet. Typically once a customer  gets over the mental obstacle of knowing that a 0.8 GPF toilet will work, adopting the product becomes much easier.

E: Can you provide us an example of a time one or a few of your water conservation products were used on a property, and what was the impact?

M: One of our largest markets is Atlanta, where water and sewer costs are over $16 per thousand gallons. We have done several projects that are saving 60 to 70 percent annually. In one installation we reduced a property’s average daily consumption from 26,000 gallons down to 5,400 gallons. When you think about the large impact that is brought about through these small changes, it really is impressive. Not to mention with such a dramatic reduction in water usage, many of these projects have a return on investment that is under 12 months.

E: A lot of times people are concerned with the efficacy and feel of “low-flow” products. Is this a valid concern? What has Niagara done to combat this concern?

M: You know, the term “conservation” implies doing less with less, but “water efficiency” is really what we strive for in our products. We have had great reviews on our products from independent reviewers. In regard to the performance of our low-flow toilets, MaPTM(Maximum Performance) testing has been performed, which is a good way to get a snapshot of how efficient a toilet will be. However, the only true test is how it performs in the field.

E: What products do you use in your own home?

M: I have had the Stealth® toilet in my house for over two years now, and I have not had one issue with it. As far as showerheads, there are a myriad of different styles that get switched out almost weekly. This is not for performance issues but because I like to test the new products we are working on. My favorite two Niagara products are the Earth showerheadand Sava showerhead.

Is there anything you’d like to ask Matt about new Niagara Conservation®technology?

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