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The Sustainability Department is excited that our new full-line Catalog V62 is currently en route to customers.

The catalog will introduce quite a few new green parts to our assortment of existing ideallygreenSM parts. Since products and technology are ever- changing, it is important to stay ahead of the curve with items that will lower your environmental impact even more and save you money while doing it.

We are always on the lookout for ideallygreenSM products and practices that will make it easier for you to make your property green without affecting occupant comfort. Here are a couple of products we now carry:


Water Conservationtoilet

Easy-to-Install Dual Flush and Flush Valve

The Fluidmaster® Duo FlushTM dual flush valve is FluidMaster’s newest and easiest dual flush retrofit.  It converts high gallon per flush (GPF) toilets into a water-saving alternative with two separate flush options. Dual flush technology is built to be put into a high GPF toilet (3.5 or higher provides the largest return) to allow for users to select whether they need a half flush for liquids or a full flush for solids. The cool thing about this new product is that Fluidmaster® says it fits more toilets than any other dual flush system, and they claim it can be installed in 10 minutes. The Fluidmaster® Easy Fix 400TM toilet fill valve employs Leak Sentry® technology, which detects leaks and prevents automatic refill of the tank, saving water and money.

Seasons® Toilets for Great Savings and Value

The Seasons® brand is exclusive to HD Supply and is sure to provide a high-quality product at a low price that compares favorably to most name brands. A new product this year is a1.0 GPF pressure-assist toilet, which will lower your water usage even more. This toilet isWaterSense® certified, meaning that it uses less water without compromising performance. A wall mount toilet bowl, top spud toilet bowl, and a 0.5 GPF urinal have also been added to the collection.

High-Efficiency TOTO® Toilets

We now carry a name brand you know and trust, TOTO®. The Drake® II 1.28 GPF toiletfeatures two nozzles (instead of rim holes) that use water more efficiently in cleaning the bowl. Their Eco Drake® 1.28 GPF toilet has the E-Max flushing system, which combines a water-conserving flush valve with a siphon jet and glazed trapway for optimum waste removal. Both Drake® models are WaterSense® certified. Plus we carry their floor mount toilet bowl and a compact 0.5 GPF urinal.

Pedal Controls for Reduced Consumption

Installing foot or knee pedals onto hospital faucets, you promote water conservation and good hygiene. There’s typically a 75% water savings when compared to conventional faucet operation. As opposed to having the water on during the entire hand wash, employees and patients step on the pedal to wet their hands and step off while lathering with soap so water is not left running or dripping.


Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)Glidden_Paint

Additional Low VOC Paint Options

To add to our existing line of Glidden® low VOC paint, three more interior paint lines will be offered. Latex eggshell paint, latex semi-gloss paint, and flat wall paints will feature colors like brilliant white, antique white, Swiss coffee, Dover white, and Navajo white. Keep your staff and occupants healthy with low VOC paint while purchasing a cost-effective high hide and coverage product.


Waste Reduction

Increased Offering of Recycled Content Products

I think buying products made from recycled content is a no-brainer. Products such as paper consumables, trash liners, and office supplies are usually comparably priced to their nonrecycled alternatives, and they keep waste out of the landfill.recycle_3

Georgia-Pacific’s Angel Soft® bath tissue, flat facial tissue, and cube facial tissue meet or exceed the Environmental Protection Agency’s comprehensive procurement guidelines for minimum postconsumer recycled fiber content.

Maintenance Warehouse®’s EarthSense Perfect Fit trash liners and EarthSense High Density trash liners contain 10% postconsumer plastics and fit most Rubbermaid®receptacles. If you have to buy a trash liner, why not buy one made of recycled materials?

HD Supply and Office Depot® have partnered together to offer recycled content paper, 100% recycled Post-It® notes, and 30% recycled file folders. Save time and money by ordering your green maintenance and office products from a single source.


Energy Efficiency

Expanded Selection of LED Fixturesefficient products for less than $10

Conserve energy and improve your bottom line with our new additions to indoor and outdoor light fixtures. LED light fixtures last on average 35,000 hours, compared to 10,000 hours for fluorescent light fixtures, which will reduce maintenance costs associated with changing bulbs. Our new 17 watt flood light uses 34% less energy than its 26 watt alternative. As Evan Matzen has mentioned in Total Cost of Ownership: The Value of Energy Saving LED Bulbs, these bulbs have a higher up-front cost, but the payback is quick due to the energy savings and reduce maintenance costs. In addition, they offer instant-on capabilities that most fluorescents do not.

ENERGY STAR®-Qualified TVs

Hisense flat screen TVs combine energy-efficient performance and affordability. These LCD TVs come in 32”, 40”, and 42” and are all ENERGY STAR®-qualified to deliver the same or better performance as comparable models while using less energy.

Energy-Saving PTAC Units

For customers in colder climates who require larger heating capacities, our new line of 30 amp Amana® PTACs offers 5.0 kw (17,000 Btu) of heat while still offering the same cooling capacity as comparable Amana® units during the summer months.

Those are just a few of the new green products HD Supply Facilities Maintenance is introducing in 2012. We’ll keep you posted as other parts become available throughout the year!


What green products would you like us to carry that we don’t already? Is there anything that you’re already using that would complement our current assortment?


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