Leasing Office First Impressions: 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Office to Appeal to Residents

Yapartment leasing officeour apartment, townhome, or condominium leasing office is often one of the first places that potential residents visit when considering whether or not to move to your property. It’s also a key place for current residents to connect with you. Here are five ways to make your office a warm, inviting place that is attractive to potential and current residents alike:

1.) Appeal to residents and visitors’ noses. Scent is one of the first things that people notice as they’re entering your space, so make sure your leasing office is pleasant. Invest in an oil diffuser, bake cookies, or brew coffee to give the room the feel of a home. Don’t overdo it, though – make sure that sensitive visitors won’t be overpowered by fragrances.

2.) Make comfort and accessibility your goal. Comfortable furniture, a coat rack, and an umbrella stand will help keep your leasing office organized, and can also give visitors a place to put aside their things so that they can review leasing paperwork, brochures, and other property literature. Aim for a professional, but comfortable, office space that makes it easy for you and your visitors to do business.

3.) Don’t forget the walls! Paint your leasing office walls in warm colors and hang attractive artwork. Frame pictures of staff and residents to showcase your property’s community appeal. Although the walls are not the focal point of your office, they can help to create an overall impression that will put visitors at ease.

4.) Landscape, landscape, landscape. Have facility maintenance update the landscape by adding fresh flowers, make sure walkways are clear of snow in winter and leaves in fall, and keep the grounds manicured year round. Keep fresh plants or flowers inside your office to bring a bit of the outdoors inside. An attractive indoor and outdoor space can set your property apart from your competitors.

5.) Cleanliness is key. In your leasing office, keep your trash can out of sight and emptied on a regular basis, and organize your desktop. Outside, have facility maintenance keep the dumpster area clear of debris and trash outside of the bin. Don’t let a messy space keep people away.

These simple steps will help keep your property attractive, and will help create a welcoming atmosphere for your current residents and those considering moving in.

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