Keep it Classy: Improve Your Property’s Curb Appeal

Is your complex’s outside appearance driving down occupancy?

Maintaining your property’s exterior is vital to keeping your current tenants happy and attracting new residents. It’s important to remember that, to those considering calling your building home, the exterior is a reflection of the interior. Here are some simple steps that can go far in improving resident satisfaction and making your property a place where people want to live:

See the property as your residents see it. Unsightly parking lots littered with debris, potholes, cracked pavement, overgrown landscaping, and fading signs and paint are a few of the key items that keep potential tenants away. In order to maintain your property’s curb appeal, conduct a weekly drive-by of your property.

Take the blinders off. Use a discerning eye, and try to imagine how others might feel upon arriving at your building. If something catches your attention, it will catch the eye of a resident, too.

Even parking lots need maintenance. Parking lots are sometimes taken for granted and overlooked during an inspection because most of the focus is on interior spaces and common areas. However, remember that a safe and well-maintained parking lot tells everyone that you pay attention to details and are serious about resident satisfaction and safety.

Invest in a pressure washer and pavement filler, and clean unwanted stains and repair any cracks in the concrete. Apply a sealant across the pavement to renew the condition and appearance of the lot surface. And, don’t forget to paint! A paint stripper will cost you less than $100, and restriping the parking lot and painting the curbs annually will give your lot a fresh appearance.

Take the blinders off. Use a discerning eye, and try to imagine how others might feel upon arriving at your building.

Keep common areas clean and in good repair. Place an ash urn/cigarette receptacle and a trash can at every exit to help avoid discarded cigarette butts and other trash on walkways and parking lots. Check your property seasonally for any broken or faded common area, patio, and pool furniture, and dispose of anything that cannot be repaired or restored. Make sure the landscaping around your property is properly trimmed and watered so that it appears well manicured and inviting. And, for resident and visitor safety and property appearance, replace any faded signs, particularly in the pool area.

Walk the grounds at night to ensure that your property is well lit. A well-lit complex is essential to resident safety, and also will add to curb appeal. Replace old and burned-out exterior bulbs immediately.  If you do not have the budget to redesign your property’s exterior lighting, adding a few lighting accent pieces can go a long way toward improving curb appeal.

Energy-saving CFLs or LEDs make great replacements, depending on the application. They will not only improve your property’s image, but also help you save on your electricity bill. There may even be rebates available from your local utility company.

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