Four Innovative Must-Have Products for Your Property

Interested in saving money, reducing maintenance time, lowering liabilities, and conserving resources at your property or facility? Here are four products that you should consider to improve efficiency and make your job easier.

1Hot Start Showerhead. Hot Start Showerhead from Niagara Conservation®Hot Start Showerhead
Save water and reduce water heating costs with a showerhead that tells the user when the water is warm.

The Niagara Conservation Hot Start Showerhead has a temperature-sensing mechanism that acts as a water and energy saving device when heating water for a shower.

The showerhead turns on full flow but slows to a trickle when the water’s temperature reaches an optimal 95°F. The user can resume their shower at full flow by pressing the “Resume” button on the showerhead.

Kevo Lock

Get touch-to-open convenience with Kevo smart locks and digital keys. With the Kevo smartphone app, you don’t need actual keys.

2. Kwikset® Kevo™ Smart Locks and Digital Keys

Residents and guests no longer need to fumble with keys to enter their doors, and property managers don’t need to worry about lost or unreturned keys. Kwikset Kevo smart locks allow users to unlock their door by tapping a finger on the lock. As long as they have their smartphone or key fob in the presence of the lock, the door will unlock.

Property managers can send, delete, and reassign eKeys to a smartphone via the Kevo app. The app also gives property managers a lock activity history.

For users concerned that strangers may gain access illegally, the system is secure and smart enough to not unlock if the smartphone is on the inside of the door.

3. Quick Dam Flood Bags

Anyone who has handled sandbags knows it can be labor intensive to fill them and set them up. Quick Dams are a smart and easy alternative to sandbags.

Quick Dams contain a super absorbent polymer powder, which reacts and swells on contact with water. You can lay the bags in flood-prone areas before rainstorms or activate them with fresh water before floodwater rises.

They can keep indefinitely if stored in a dry location. Once activated, they can be left in position for 6-12 months. You can dispose of these environmentally friendly bags in the trash, and they’ll degrade with UV exposure, pressure, and time.

4. MicroFridge® with 1st Defense™

MicroFridge’s updated mini fridge and microwave combo unit has added features that increase safety and make life convenient for people looking to power up personal electronic devices.

microfridgeThe microwave’s internal smoke sensor, 1st Defense, alerts users and automatically shuts down if smoke is detected, preventing smoke from doing damage and setting off fire alarms. This is an ideal feature for break rooms and kitchens where users may leave unattended food to overcook.

The face of the microwave has two USB outlets for charging devices, such as smartphones, and one traditional three-prong grounded outlet for powering small appliances. To prevent an overload, the charging station will cut power and require a user to reset the system if anything greater than 4 AMPS is plugged in.

The Microfridge has an annual energy consumption of only 210 kWh—the lowest in the industry for a refrigerator that size.

What smart products do you use at your property? We’d love to hear about them!

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