Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability

I am extremely excited to announce that we recently launched our “Reuse Me” box reuse program in four new markets: San Diego, Seattle, Sacramento, and Baltimore. The program has been running in three other markets (Phoenix, San Antonio, and Austin) for over a year now with great success, and we anticipate nothing less for these new markets.

Green Deliveries with Box Reuse Program

With the “Reuse Me” program, we label product boxes with a sticker alerting customers that our drivers can collect those boxes and bring them back to the distribution center, where they will be reused for future deliveries. We have found that we can reuse standard cardboard boxes up to 5 times without impacting the safety of the contents. If we pick up an eligible box from a customer that will not hold up in another delivery, we bring it back to our distribution center to then be recycled.

HD Supply drivers now track boxes returned by customers with their handheld computers. This way we can report back to customers on the number of boxes returned and their return rate (number of boxes returned divided by eligible boxes delivered to the property) so our customers can understand how they are taking advantage of the program and what kind of disposal costs they avoided, which can be attributed to our program.

Our distribution centers are getting in on the action and actively competing against each other. Every week we report on boxes returned by distribution center and return rate for each distribution center. It has been fun to see our different markets jockeying for the coveted weekly first place return rate. So far, San Antonio has steadily held the weekly lead, but Seattle and Phoenix are quickly catching up.

We hope to roll out even more markets by the end of the year. Stay tuned!


Are you in one of the eligible box reuse program markets? Are you currently participating in the program?

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