How to Get Residents in the Halloween Spirit

Spook your residents into the Halloween spirit this year by planning a door decorating contest. Not only will this get your residents involved in the community by stimulating a little friendly competition, but they’ll have a blast doing it! You can even use this idea for other holidays like Christmas or Thanksgiving. Follow these easy steps to get your door decorating contest launched today!

Pick the Contest Dates

  •  Give residents enough time to plan out their ideas and have time to go and buy/makeDoor Decorating Invitation their decorations. 
  •   Post the dates on the community boards


Select the Prizes

The size of your budget will determine the type of prizes and quantity you are able to award. Here are some popular prizing suggestions:

  • A set amount or percentage off of rent for a month. 
  • Gift cards to restaurants, movies, mini golf, or anywhere fun they can go with the family. 
  • TVs, iPads, digital cameras, or any other electronics the whole family can use. 
  • Gift baskets with snacks and other goodies. 


Create excitement and communication pieces to announce the contest

Be sure to place them where everyone can see them every day. The community board makes an ideal place to post announcements. These can be custom signs and banners, emails, newsletters, custom door tags for your residents, flyers, posters, social media posts, website, etc.

Set the Rules/Guidelines

Here are some examples:

    Halloween door decor

  • Announce and count down to the day the judging will take place so residents know when to have their doors decorated.
  • Only front door decorations are being considered for contest. 
  • Nothing should be installed that may damage the door, its paint, or its varnish. 
  • No nails, tacks, or staples may be put into the door. 
  • All adhesives used must be fully removable. Please test your adhesives before using them! 
  • Door decorations may not impede the usage of the door or pose a safety hazard. 
  • Ask residents to submit photos of their doors and unit number once they are done decorating in order to enter the contest. 


Set a Date for Judging

  • Send out the judges to choose the winner(s) fairly and based of the rules/guidelines. This can be anyone, from tenants to your property’s maintenance personnel. 
  • You could also hold a voting competition and allow all residents to vote on their favorite doors. 
  • Halloween Door Decorations


Announce the winners

  • Once selected, announce the winner(s) and prize(s) to all residents.  
  • You can feature the winner(s) and pictures of their doors/prizes on all of the communication pieces you used to promote the contest.  
  • If your property has an annual Halloween party, this is a great time to announce the winner(s).  


When all is said and done, make sure to ask your residents what they thought of the competition after it’s over. This will give you a good idea if they’d like to see more activities like this and will give them the opportunity to give suggestions for the next time. Now let the contest begin!

We want to hear from you! Have you ever hosted a property contest? If so, what was it and would you recommend it?

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