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he 2013 National Apartment Association’s (NAA) Green Conference is April 15 to 17 in Baltimore, and I am lucky enough to be attending this year. The NAA Green Conference is dedicated to educating multifamily professionals on environmentally preferable products and practices that will lower utility bills, reduce their impact, and attract (and keep) new residents who care about sustainability.

I am also excited that I will be speaking, alongside DeeAnne McClenahan from Greystarand Ryan Delliacono from AGPM, LLC, on how to identify efficient ROI opportunities for your property from 1:15 to 2:30PM Tuesday. Here’s a little taste of what will be discussed:

With water and sewerage costs doubling in one of every four municipalities over the last 12 years, water supplies dwindling, and other utility costs increasing faster than inflation, the need for efficiency is growing and the economics of efficiency has never looked better. Hear how one property management company evaluates and implements water conservation projects that regularly achieve payback in less than four months. Learn about new technologies that make conservation real, but not feel like conservation, and get tips on how to actively and effectively engage an entire multifamily portfolio in your sustainability initiative through education, competition, recognition, and empowerment.

This session will help you learn how to identify “green” projects with strong ROI and how to estimate the deemed savings for efficiency projects. You will hear what projects property owners and managers are doing now that have a strong financial and environmental value proposition and be able to identify opportunities to get rebates to make efficiency upgrades even more cost effective. Learn about newer certifications that are improving the efficacy of water conservation products in order to achieve higher user satisfaction and how technology has bridged the gap between effective products and efficient products. Best practices for engaging property staff and residents across a large portfolio to participate in a sustainability initiative will also be shared.

I hope that you can join us as we have an informative discussion on water and how to reduce our use of it!


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