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8 Things You Didn’t Know About LED Lighting

1. LED stands for light-emitting diode. Unlike conventional incandescent bulbs, LEDs do not have a filament that heats up to provide light. Instead, LED bulbs have a semiconductor that converts electricity into light more efficiently and with less heat. Because […]

10 Clever Ways to Conserve Water

People use water in nearly every part of their lives. From showering to washing dishes to flushing toilets, water is a necessity. When you own or manage a multifamily property (especially in drought-stricken states!), you can bet that your tenants […]

Technology and Efficiency: LEDs and “Smart” Products

Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability  Energy-efficient housing and lodging solutions make more sense in 2015 than ever before. Because of increases in utility rates, rapid decreases in the cost of efficient products, and new advancements in connected technologies, supporting changes in […]

MSDS to SDS: Prepping for the Change without a Chemistry Degree

As a maintenance worker, you may come into contact with potentially hazardous chemicals on a routine basis. Regardless whether these substances are pressurized gases, flammable liquids, or simple cleaning products, you need to know how to handle them properly. Safe […]

Q&A with a Sustainable, Organic Community Gardener

Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability  This week I spoke with Monetta Slaybaugh, a Senior Graphic Artist who I work with. Monetta is an avid organic fruit and vegetable gardener and participates in a community garden in her area. Community gardens are […]

Waste Reduction Through Box Reuse Programs

Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability It’s time for an update on the box reuse program we discussed on this blog last January. In that article, titled “Thinking Outside the Box – Sustainability Through a Reuse Program,” we talked about our pilot […]

When to Compost and Other Facts About Recycling

Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability ecently, there have been a number of news articles and discussions about whether biodegradable and compostable products really are better for the environment. Composting is an oxygen-intensive process involving aerobic digestion that converts organic matter, such […]

We’re Seeing Green at the NAA Education Conference & Expo

Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability  am excited to be attending the National Apartment Association (NAA) Education Conference & Exposition that is being held June 18 to 21 in Denver, Colorado. This year I will be making two presentations about sustainability: A […]

Landscaping: A Different Kind of Green

Kelly Thompson, Associate Manager, Sustainability Last July I purchased my first home, and since then I’ve been scouring the place for upgrades that will increase my efficiency to save money long term. I started with easy things like replacing all […]

Creating Desirable Green Apartments Presentation at NAA Conference

Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability I am pleased to announce that I will be moderating a very interesting presentation at theNational Apartment Association’s Education Conference & Exposition in San Diego. The presentation, titled Creating Desirable Green Apartments Renters Will Pay More […]