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Top 5 Tips to Make Your Property Safer

As a property manager, the safety and well-being of your staff and residents will always be a top priority. The heath of all people connected to your property as well as safeguarding against potential law suits depends on your vigilance. […]

Four of the Most Common Refrigerator Maintenance Calls

Unlike other major appliances, a refrigerator is always on. It’s constantly working and occasionally, things can go wrong. Below are some of the most common refrigerator issues you may be called on to investigate. 1. Weird Noises If you are […]

Combatting Apartment Odors

Bad odors not only repel potential residents but attract pests like roaches, rats, and more. Apartment odors can be a deal breaker for multifamily communities. Keep your properties smelling fresh by knowing exactly how to eliminate odors and using the right […]

8 Tips for a Successful and Profitable Renovation

Renovations create better living spaces, improve community amenities, and raise the overall value of your property. They’re also necessary if you want to stay competitive and continue to attract and maintain residents. However, taking on a renovation project is no […]

HVAC: Your Preventive Maintenance Checklist

It’s time to be proactive and start thinking about performing preventative maintenance on your HVAC systems—before temperatures begin to rise. By planning ahead, you allow yourself plenty of time to maintain, test, and order repair parts for HVAC equipment, keeping […]

Pros and Cons of Handheld Showerheads

When it’s time to replace or upgrade the showerheads on your property, you have many choices to consider. You’ll want to weigh all the options, including gallons per minute, spray settings, finish, and the handheld feature. You’ll also want to […]

Detecting Natural Gas Leaks at Your Property

Gas leaks can have devastating effects if left unfixed. The worst-case scenario is that an undetected leak may ignite or combust. Even small leaks that don’t ignite, however, can be dangerous or deadly. Low concentrations of gas can cause symptoms, […]

‘Twas the Night of Repairs

Did you know the famous poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” also known as “’Twas the Night Before Christmas,” was written by a dad? Clement Clarke Moore created the poem for his children and read it to them on Christmas […]

Benefits of Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures

California’s historic and prolonged drought receives the majority of headlines, but many other areas of the United States experience abnormally dry or severe drought conditions every year as well. Lack of rainfall and increased water usage during a drought often […]