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Going Green: Trend Turned Standard

Nowadays, “green” has become trendy. We see it everywhere and it can be applied to virtually any business model. But this trend is planting deeper roots in our culture and becoming a way of life that is impossible to ignore. […]

How to Keep Guests Safe and Sound

Due to recent privacy violation lawsuits that have made headlines, the hotel industry has been forced to take an in-depth look at current security practices in order to address lacking industry standards and move forward constructively to ensure that guest […]

How to Prevent a $100,000 Bedbug Lawsuit

Bedbugs—tiny, wingless creatures that can cause tremendous economic and emotional stress for property owners and hotel managers. Under common law, it’s a hotel’s responsibility to provide a safe and habitable residence free from all known and knowable dangers, including pest […]

Does Your PTAC Need a Checkup?

Maximize energy savings, extend the life of your equipment, and prepare for higher temperatures by testing your PTACs before the season changes. Give your PTAC units monthly and yearly checkups to allow yourself time to maintain, test, and order repair […]

Pros and Cons of Handheld Showerheads

When it’s time to replace or upgrade the showerheads on your property, you have many choices to consider. You’ll want to weigh all the options, including gallons per minute, spray settings, finish, and the handheld feature. You’ll also want to […]

How to Get Rid of Guest Room Odor

What’s as disgusting as walking into a dirty guestroom? Walking into a stinky guest room! Not only is a smelly hotel room gross, but it can majorly affect your guest’s satisfaction and perception of the entire property. Guest rooms are vulnerable to […]

Benefits of Low-Flow Plumbing Fixtures

California’s historic and prolonged drought receives the majority of headlines, but many other areas of the United States experience abnormally dry or severe drought conditions every year as well. Lack of rainfall and increased water usage during a drought often […]

How to Prepare Your Property for El Nino

Meteorologists are forecasting the warm waters of the pacific jet stream will bring an El Niño pattern from Winter 2015 through Spring 2016. Even though you may not live near the Pacific, the weather pattern will have far reaching effects […]

Housekeeping Trends: The Benefits of Cleaning with Microfiber

Microfiber mops and cleaning cloths are used largely in hospital and healthcare settings where disinfection is a top concern. Now, microfiber tools are being adopted by hotel housekeeping staff, offering ergonomic benefits, as well as economic and environmental perks. Smaller […]

Preventative Maintenance Tips for Happy Hotel Guests

You already know the importance of happy hotel guests. You want everything perfect. You want to exceed guest expectations. Cornell’s Center for Hospitality Research found that reviews on directly affect a hotel’s revenue per available room (REVPAR). The number of […]