5 Out-of-the-Box Ideas for Reusing Your Old HD Supply Catalogs

With more than 1,800 pages of products, your old HD Supply Facilities Maintenance catalogs can be a serious build up in your office. Maybe you want to fight the mess, but you don’t have space in the recycle bin for catalogs or feel bad about sending them to the dump. Instead of trashing your catalogs or letting them stack up, consider using them for these helpful and fun tasks. Check out the ideas below:

1. 3-Point Shooting ChallengeReuse Your Catalog
If you have an empty container, an old catalog, and a long afternoon in the office, challenge coworkers to a 3-point contest. Simply tear out catalog pages, crumple them up and let them fly. To make the challenge more difficult, create trick shots or make smaller containers worth more points. A 32-ounce cup from a fast food joint could be worth twice as much as a desk trash bin. At the end of the day, the person with the most points buys the beer!

2. Oil Sop Mop
Do you like working on your old beater car during your leisure time? Catalog pages make great rags for sopping up oil and grease from hands and concrete floors when you’re dealing with a leaky carburetor or gunked-up engine. With less mess, you can spend less time cleaning up and more time enjoying the fruits of your labor.

3. Campfire Starter
Next time you go camping, make starting the campfire easier by taking along some old catalog pages. When you’re done catching large bass or wrestling bears, you can toss a couple crumpled pages under the wood. Simply light the pages with a match and be impressed at your resourcefulness. A large fire will make it easier to spot Bigfoot as he wanders by.

Reuse Your Catgalog4. Household Tasks
If you have windows that need washing
or packing to do, save on paper towels and packing materials by using old catalogs. Use a mixture of ammonium and water or a store-bought glass cleaner and wipe down the windows using pages from a catalog. Work in circles to avoid streaks. For packing tasks, you can use crumpled pages to fill in boxes and protect your favored possessions, like that state championship football trophy from high school or your socket wrench set.

5. Pranks
If you’re still not sure what to do with that old catalog, go with a tried and true classic: Prank a friend. Whether you choose to cover their desk, chair, computer, phone and cubicle with pages from the catalog or tape pages over every inch of their car, you’re sure enjoy the
results as your buddy attempts to clear up the mess you made so he can get to work. To make the task more difficult, make sure to tape each page to the surface instead of to the other pages. After you’re done, you may want to set up a nanny cam since your friend is going to want revenge.

Of course, you can only re-use old catalogs if you have current replacements. Whether it’s tangible or virtual, choose the HD Supply catalog that best fits your needs and browse at your own leisure. If you prefer a printed catalog, visit our online order site to request one now.

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