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Three Ways to Avoid Paint Touch-Up Mistakes

Not every unit turn requires a total repaint; sometimes a touch-up is all that’s needed. But unless you’re familiar with how long paint can last and how colors change in the industry over time, you may be painting yourself into […]

Easy Property Upgrades That Attract Tenants

Easy Property Upgrades That Attract Tenants If you manage or work at an apartment building, or an assisted living facility, you understand the value of a property that sells itself. Tenants are constantly looking for the best amenities and value in […]

Most Common Water Heater Questions

We all know the basic functions of a water heater – tank, water, heat, and presto – a hot shower! But water heaters can be complex appliances, and your tenants will throw a fit if they are not performing perfectly. […]

2015 HVAC Legislation: What You Need to Know

In 2015, consumers saw a new update to the Department of Energy’s (DOE) 1975 act to regulate energy usage, which changes the energy efficiency standards for HVAC equipment. What does this mean for you? No matter where you live, understanding […]

Technology and Efficiency: LEDs and “Smart” Products

Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability  Energy-efficient housing and lodging solutions make more sense in 2015 than ever before. Because of increases in utility rates, rapid decreases in the cost of efficient products, and new advancements in connected technologies, supporting changes in […]

How Maintenance Personnel Are Making Pools and Spas Safer

To ensure safety in your pool area, facilities need to meet the minimum requirements. Our pool maintenance and safety tips will help you understand your duties and legal obligations so you can keep your tenants and guests safe. What Laws […]

Negotiating the Choppy Waters of Pool Maintenance

Your facility’s pool influences how residents and prospects feel about the property. A professionally managed and maintained community can lose its reputation because of one adhesive bandage floating on the pool’s surface. Additionally, many multiple-use swimming facilities attract thoughtless swimmers […]

How to Cut Your Maintenance Costs by Up to 20%

Property management and maintenance can be extremely costly. Why are we telling you something you already know? Because you don’t have to sit there and live with the extra expenses. While nobody likes to admit that they could be doing […]

Top 6 Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

In property management, appearance is everything. In order to be successful, multifamily property owners and their maintenance staff should place more emphasis on keeping up appearances than celebrities, which we know isn’t an easy job. Boosting the curb appeal of […]

MSDS to SDS: Prepping for the Change without a Chemistry Degree

As a maintenance worker, you may come into contact with potentially hazardous chemicals on a routine basis. Regardless whether these substances are pressurized gases, flammable liquids, or simple cleaning products, you need to know how to handle them properly. Safe […]