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Q&A with a Sustainable, Organic Community Gardener

Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability  This week I spoke with Monetta Slaybaugh, a Senior Graphic Artist who I work with. Monetta is an avid organic fruit and vegetable gardener and participates in a community garden in her area. Community gardens are […]

Waste Reduction Through Box Reuse Programs

Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability It’s time for an update on the box reuse program we discussed on this blog last January. In that article, titled “Thinking Outside the Box – Sustainability Through a Reuse Program,” we talked about our pilot […]

Our New Green Catalog and Other Sustainable Tools

Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability We received feedback from customers that they wanted to see all of our green products in one place so, to meet that need, we developed a catalog! I am excited to announce that theSustainability Department has […]

New Green Products in the Market

Kelly Thompson, Manager, Sustainability The Sustainability Department is excited that our new full-line Catalog V62 is currently en route to customers. The catalog will introduce quite a few new green parts to our assortment of existing ideallygreenSM parts. Since products […]

When to Compost and Other Facts About Recycling

Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability ecently, there have been a number of news articles and discussions about whether biodegradable and compostable products really are better for the environment. Composting is an oxygen-intensive process involving aerobic digestion that converts organic matter, such […]

5 HVAC Tips You’ll Want to Know

Tip 1: Properly label equipment and tools to prevent costly errors. Ensure that the appropriate refrigerant (R-22 and R-410A) and equipment is used, and that no cross-refrigerant contamination occurs. R-410A cannot be introduced into an R-22 system without undesirable and […]

4 Tips on How to Make Residents Happy

Tip 1: Consider offering free wireless Internet to your tenants. We are an online world, and this digital freedom is a major perk for residents. More apartment, condominium, and townhouse properties are moving in this direction, so early adoption will set […]

The (Mostly) Painless Way to Increase Rent

Asking for a rent increase is just like asking for a raise – it’s uncomfortable, but if you can justify the increase and have done your research, it can work out well. With a little preparation, you can make the […]

Keep it Classy: Improve Your Property’s Curb Appeal

Is your complex’s outside appearance driving down occupancy? Maintaining your property’s exterior is vital to keeping your current tenants happy and attracting new residents. It’s important to remember that, to those considering calling your building home, the exterior is a […]