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How We Are Celebrating Earth Week

Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability Earth Day is right around the corner (Sunday!) and, to celebrate, HD Supply planned various activities this week surrounding the theme of conservation. The Sustainability Department put together an interactive event each day that our associates […]

Green Window Products to Help Keep Your Cool

Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability Summer is around the corner, and for some of us that means it’s time to turn on the air conditioning or just sit in an uncomfortably warm house or building. We have spoken a few times […]

ENERGY STAR® Program Changes for Dishwashers

Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability  couple of weeks ago Associate Manager of Sustainability Kelly Thompson discussed changes happening in the lighting world as a result of efficient lighting legislation. Today, I’ll go over some changes occurring in the ENERGY STAR® program […]

Keeping Costs in Check with a Green Maintenance Plan

Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability Property owners and managers should be proactive with their maintenance plan. Its primary purpose is to prevent minor repairs from growing into expensive major repairs, so developing a plan is important. Preventive maintenance can range from […]

Update: Does Low-Flow Increase Shower Time?

Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability About six months ago, in response to a bunch of good questions about our blog post “Showerhead Part 2: Does Low-Flow Increase Shower Time?” I persuaded five of my colleagues to conduct an unscientific trial of […]

Light Bulbs, Legislation, and How It Affects You

Kelly Thompson, Manager, Sustainability   Do you currently purchase T12 bulbs for your property? Well, legislation was recently passed that could discontinue the production of them and many others soon.   Don’t worry, there are many alternatives that provide comparable […]

Glenn Hasek: Glimpse at Water Conservation Design

Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability As I have said in this blog a few times, water is a precious resource that I believe is undervalued in our society. It has been a mission of our Sustainability Department at HD Supply to […]

Green Trends: Incremental Efficiency Upgrades

Evan Matzen, Manager, Sustainability   I recently wrote an article for a College Management Magazine about a handful of small green upgrades that can go a long way. Many colleges and universities have become real leaders in sustainability, having been […]

Reducing My Carbon Footprint and Spending in 2011

Last week I talked about my new year’s resolutions to be more “green” in 2012, so now I thought I’d share how I already reduced my personal environmental impact in 2011. Many of my personal steps to live more sustainably […]