10 Signs You’re a Maintenance Person

You are one of the most versatile workers around. You can go from fixing a leaky pipe to caring for the lawn to building a deck, all in one day. You may forget important dates and seem preoccupied with a list of necessary tasks, but you can use a hammer better than most people. You work to keep your property running smoothly and efficiently, and you go to bed at night knowing that the building is safe and secure. If any of these actions sound familiar, you might be a handyman or handywoman.

10 Signs You're a Maintenance Man Here are 10 signs you’re a maintenance person: 

1. You are more likely to have a hammer or screwdriver attached to your belt than a cell phone. Your spouse and your tenants may get frustrated because you’re not always available at the exact moment they need you, but you obviously need to make more room for your tools. Priorities, man!

2. You have a groove behind your ear from your pencil. You know the most important rule to building anything is measure twice, cut once. Your trusty pencil is what helps you mark measurements and make calculations throughout the day.

3. Your HD Supply driver or sales rep knows you by name. Whether you’re in need of lighting fixtures or cleaning supplies, you’re on a first name basis with your reps and they take care of your needs quickly and efficiently.

4. You’d rather clean out the garbage disposer yourself than explain to a tenant how to do it. You know you can do it faster and better anyway, and it will give you a nice break from trimming trees, fixing toilets, and cleaning the pool

5. Someone asks you how to read the instructions for building a play set, and you laugh. Who needs instructions for something so simple?

6. People want to buy you tools for Christmas or your birthday because they know you like them, but there are simply no tools left to buy. What do you get for the handyman or handywoman who has everything? Your family is truly frustrated with you.

7. The HD Supply order line is on your speed dial. With fast, free delivery, who has time to go to those other stores?

8. You don’t have to hear the entire problem with the resident’s dishwasher to know how to fix it. You cut her off after she states, “There’s water leaking.” You know the problem and will have it fixed in minutes.

9. The kids on your property don’t know your given name, just your nickname of “Mr. /Ms. Handy” or “my savior.”

10. You go to sleep each night tired and satisfied that you’ve completed all your projects perfectly as the world’s greatest maintenance person.

Even if you can’t fry an egg to save your life, we know you CAN build a treehouse with your bare hands – and we respect you, Maintenance Person! Thanks for all your do to keep your guests and tenants happy!


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  • Courtney
    3 years ago

    I was reviewing the 10 reasons that you are a maintenance man. The industry has changed over the years to now include women in the roles of maintenance tech, maintenance supervisors and regional maintenance directors. It would be appreciated if the word “man” would be changed to person. I’ve been in this industry for almost 30 years and during that time I became the first woman in Arizona to hold the position of Maint tech, Maint supervisor and regional Maint director. In a male dominated position I worked hard to overcome numerous obstacles related to that dominance and apparently this is another obstacle. Attention and response to this request would be greatly appreciated.

  • hdsupplyadmin
    3 years ago

    Hi Courtney, you’re so right! We’re sorry for the oversight and have updated the article. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

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Don't worry. We never use your email for spam.